Summer Pack

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Say goodbye to the worries of creating your FAVORITE OUTFIT for this summer, because we at CONFUSION take care of everything. With our personalized PACK, you will get a unique and exclusive experience that will make you the "fucking envy of your friends" at the pool, on the beach or wherever you go. It's time to show off that unique LOOK that makes you stand out! 💃🔥

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But that's not all, we are sure that we will get your OUTFIT right, why? Well, very easy, after you get it you will receive a call from us to ask you a couple of questions 😉 if for whatever reason we haven't got it right the first time... don't worry, we will change it for you TOTALLY FREE if your order exceeds €65.

We cannot reveal more details, because the surprise factor (that “HYPE”) is what makes the difference in the SUMMER PACK. Trust us and get much more value than you pay, that easy.

The design of the BAG, like in THE BOX, can vary and SURPRISE YOU 💀

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