We are crazy dreamers who since 2006 have been "telling stories" through their designs on high-quality garments.

We started selling clothes among friends and acquaintances. The first sensations were very good. That pushed us to move forward.

When we created CONFUSION , "we didn't try to invent gunpowder", but we were clear that we wanted to do something different from the rest of the brands that made clothing .

The dream little by little began to come true, and influenced by the situation that we had to live through then, we incorporated messages of struggle, of strength , of perseverance , of nonconformity , of rebellion ...

We can say that even today CONFUSION continues to be “our fight”, our lifestyle!

We fight daily to continue moving forward and we do so thanks to the support of people who believe in us , of all those people who buy our clothes. You already know that we go out of our way to give you something good, but above all something "different".

We love that it's cool because it's "especially" or even better; “ Abnormally normal ” is CONFUSION and it is done OUR WAY.

Help people through our brand to think for themselves. Raise awareness and teach reality as we see it, always respecting our values ​​and principles.

Ensure that the people who wear CONFUSION are accomplices and participants in our philosophy, wearing quality garments full of feeling.

Our clothes tell “stories” that people make their own.
We like you to think for yourself, to believe in your potential, to see your desire to improve. You are one of those people who never leaves aside their people and their principles.

Why do you get CONFUSION over and over again? Do you feel yourself? It makes you feel good? … MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


Our clothes have to be of quality. They also have to be groundbreaking in some way or improve on other previous garments in some way. And, of course, they will have to be “the host” for our people. Otherwise... they are not done!

Poetic warmongering ” sounds good, right?

We are nonconformists and eternal fighters, but we do not believe that violence is the best way to express ourselves. We only need fabric, ink and thread to bring out everything we have inside... Our revolution has already begun!

We have seen our people fight tooth and nail to get ahead. That has penetrated us very deeply.
We have fallen many times, but we have always gotten back up, because FIGHTING for what you want is always worth it!

They have never given us anything. We knew it wouldn't be easy, but we are clear about our goals and, above all, our commitment to continue our fight no matter what happens. And this would be impossible to achieve if it weren't for you and of course for doing and having done things our way.