The HEART vs MIND collection captures the essence of that eternal tug of war between HEART AND MIND .

Each design is a street-smart celebration of those moments when your feelings and thoughts intersect and collide. " CONFUSION " is more than a state: it is the recognition of beauty in emotional chaos , while " HEART vs MIND " is not a competition, but a dynamic harmony that we all experience. 💖🧠

This collection is not just fashion; is a visual manifesto , a bold exploration of what it means to navigate our own MOVES .

Each garment is an icon of self-expression , an invitation to embrace your inner adventures and discover your unique path, without molds and without labels.

CONFUSION here is a nod to that personal journey , a statement of pride that celebrates authenticity in the midst of a predictable world. 🌟🛹

The HEART vs MIND capsule is for those who see life as a blank canvas ready to be filled with authentic experiences .

It is a tribute to resilience , to the art of living fully , outside the mold and with your own urban style with a reflective depth .

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