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The model is 1.89 and is wearing an XXL

100% Cotton Tshirt
Classic Fit / Blocks Style

Design meaning:

BRAVE;DMIND It is an avant-garde design, where the heart transforms into a labyrinth , not one to simply traverse, but to GET DELICIOUSLY LOST in its twists and turns.

Each path and revolt It is a metaphor for our deeper emotions , where a little brain sits on the epicenter , perhaps insinuating that, at the end of love and passion, reason waits patiently ;D

" CONFUSION " stands out at the top, not as a state to avoid, but as an invitation to dive in the complexity of what we feel. And just below, " HEART vs MIND " suggests not a battle, but a COEXISTENCE 🔄, a dynamic balance between what we feel intensely and what we think deeply.

This is not just a design; is a STATEMENT . Is he battle's scream For those who are not afraid of intensity of their own humanity, who see the CONFUSION not as an enigma but as a art . 💥🎨

In short, this design is not just a graphic; it's a map of human experience, where every decision, every emotion , takes you on a path that can only be yours. And on that trip, maybe you lose , maybe you you find , but you will ALWAYS ALWAYS be LIVING .

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Jesús Carlos Cejudo Jiménez
Chula y calidad

Genial comunicación. La camiseta mola mucho y es de muy buena calidad. Gracias por las pegatinas!