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100% Cotton Hoodie
Classic Fit / Blocks Style

Design meaning:

DILEMMA , this design is an explosion of passions, a fusion between UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and the impulse to BUST EVERYTHING . Here, the heart is not only a symbol of tenderness, it is a grenade waiting to detonate, charged with the power of our most intense emotions . 💥❤️

" CONFUSION " isn't just written at the top; It is lived in every pulse of our veins when we face that eternal dilemma: Do we give ourselves over to love or do we protect ourselves? It's the constant game between opening completely or keeping your guard up, ready to activate the pin at any moment.

" HEART vs MIND " at its core is not a simple slogan; It is the battlefield within us, where every day is an internal struggle between feeling and thinking , between surrender and defense . And in the midst of this tension , we find the essence of who we are, a volatile mix of love and logic , peace and chaos .

This mold-breaking design not only captures the duality of the human experience, but also challenges our perceptions, inviting us to embrace conflict as a necessary part of truly living . It is a cry to that part of us that wants to love with everything and, at the same time, wants to protect itself with equal fervor.

In short, this graphic is a statement of CONFUSION , an invitation to love hard , to live fully and to accept that sometimes, just sometimes, bursting can be as valid as hugging . 🚀❤️‍🔥

Customer Reviews

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Eduard Rico

Ropa muy buena i con diseños originales

Aritz Ruiz gandiaga
Pero k la heroina

Enganchado...me gusta todo..atención y información de 100