SKULL KNIFE BLACK ON BLACK HOODIE - XXS is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The model measures 1.75 and wears an L
The model measures 1.70 and wears an L

100% Cotton Hoodie Classic Fit Chest Print Back Print

How much more?

Those who play at managing the threads do not take into account the tension that they can withstand until they break .

Depriving us of resources, of total knowledge and disguising reality is the way they use to manipulate us like puppets. They want us docile and malleable... so that we don't cause problems.

But they look down on us. They underestimate everything we carry inside. They do not take into account that our true potential can emerge. Everything can turn against you. We are a resilient society.

Every blow received has made us stronger. And today the people are with the knife between their teeth.