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The model is 1" tall and wears an M
The model measures

100% Cotton Tshirt
Classic Fit / Blocks Style

Design meaning:

SOULCLOCK , in this disruptive design, the Hourglass becomes a battlefield where hearts and minds they fall in place of sand, marking the passage of time It is a constant reminder that with each grain that falls, our emotions and thoughts They evolve and mature.

He heart at the top of the hourglass symbolizes the Driving force of our lives, a whirlwind of passions that motivates us to pursue our dreams. In contrast, the brain at the base represents the anchor of reason , which keeps us firm and guides us through logic and critical thinking.

" CONFUSION " stands proudly at the top, not as a state of disorder, but as a chaos celebration that leads us to grow now explore . And "HEART vs MIND" does not suggest a fight, but a eternal dance between intuition and intellectuality , a balance that we are always browsing . ⚖️❤️🧠

This is not just a design; it's a visual journey through time, a tribute to the complexity of the human experience . It invites us to waste time, not as an act of laziness, but as an opportunity to reflect and appreciate the beauty of life in each fleeting moment 🕰️✨

Each heart and every thought that falls is a story, an experience, a memory . This hourglass tells us: " Enjoy the journey, appreciate the now, because this is the true art of living ."

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Sara Maurelos
Diseño muy original

De las dos camisetas que compré la talla venía pequeña y las tuve que cambiar. La verdad es que bien enseguida respondieron y facilitaron en todo momento la devolución. Gracias por todo, le encantó y ahora le queda genial!.