800.000 TONELADAS de ropa a la basura

800,000 TONS of clothes in the trash

Good morning people from CONFUSION Wear, a few weeks ago I found out about your brand by chance on Instagram. It seemed to me that I had a different vibe , what I didn't expect was that the clothes were so much quality. Congratulations, a very positive surprise! Greetings Javier"

It's really great for us to receive these types of messages, especially when you are surprised by the quality (for the better). We are convinced that making clothes quality we are contributing to the environment.

A few days ago we read this article Textile ruin: 800,000 tons of clothing go to the trash every year. We are sure that making quality clothing is an act of responsibility.

And it is still we freak out when we meet people on the street wearing clothes of ours first collections , garments with 10 and 11 years of history that continue to shine despite the passage of time and that have managed to avoid becoming part of that 800,000-ton mountain of clothing and that of your "favorite pajamas."

If you haven't looked at our website in a while, take a look, there are many new features...



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