Confusion is not a simple clothing brand so Fist is not a simple protest t-shirt.

Fist is the strength of the working people, the working people who do not contemplate surrender, the people who stand up and fight for what they want.

We are all feeling the harshness of the gale. But inside you know that you are not going to stop, because adversity makes you strong.

Scoundrels... You hate having to keep quiet and bow your head, that doesn't suit you, we know. We can't stand it anymore with the lump in our throat, impotence corrodes us. That's why we launched “FIST”. The most bleeding icon that we could create because we are clear that we are PEOPLE and we trust in its power.

The raised fist bleeds from the force that the hand itself exerts against itself. Because we have to digest lies, lies and more lies and what can we do? Nothing? I don't believe it.

Fist raised. Together we have the power, don't forget it.

Clench your fist, and raise your voice, they will hear us.

The message “sick of it all” only mentions a sensation that we all feel in our flesh today, corruption, injustice, the feeling of ridicule towards us. But we are the people, the people that remain united and fight shoulder to shoulder from the root of the street, from the machete of your butcher to the blowtorch of the mechanic, from the smile of your shop assistant to the good time you spend with your hairdresser, from the engineer to the grinder…

We are the raised fist that complains, the fist that cannot be silenced with lies. Once again we are the people and we claim the power that belongs to us.

The people never give up.