The model is 1.85 and wears an L
The model is 1.68 and wears an L

Design Description: The " DEAL TILE TEE " sweatshirt is a garment that defies expectations. Made of 100% cotton, this sweatshirt from the CONFUSION Wear brand is much more than a warm garment; It is a statement of conflict and reflection.

On the front, at the level of the nipple, you will find the design in small form, but it is on the back where the narrative comes to life. The design, in a full print , represents a handshake, a gesture of agreement and commitment. However, upon taking a closer look, you will realize that not everything is as it seems.

The handshake reveals a surprising twist: one of the hands is that of a human being, while the other is that of a SNAKE 🐍. This snake bites the human hand, symbolizing an inner conflict between the heart and the mind.

The phrase " HEART VS MIND " that accompanies the design underlines the constant struggle between our emotions and our reason. This sweatshirt is a reminder that we are often caught in an internal conflict between what we feel in our hearts and what we think in our minds.

The " DEAL TILE TEE " is a garment that challenges convention and invites you to reflect on the internal struggles we all face. It is a statement that life is full of difficult decisions and that ultimately we must find a balance between the heart and the mind. 💔🤯

Customer Reviews

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Juan Carlos Blanco Rodriguez
Me encantó el logo

Esta camiseta representa mucho en su logo:
Nuestro ego vrs verdadero yo. Felicidades!!!

Alberto De los Santos
Ta to guapa

Es top, calidad y diseño de la ostia.

Todo genial

La camiseta tiene muchisimo éxito! Es una pasada, tanto el modelo como la calidad.

Gran calidad

Me gusta la forma de las camisetas y como quedan, se agradecería tener las medidas de las tallas, pero lo mejor es la calidad que tienen, superior a la media. Aparentemente parece que pueden durar mucho tiempo sin estropearse ni deformarse.