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The model is 1.89 and wears a size L / The model is 1.65 and wears a size L

White T-shirt 100% Cotton 🐓

Design Description:
"GALLITO WHITE TSHIRT" is a blank canvas that radiates a powerful message. In the center of the design, a rooster 🐔 is featured, wearing fight scars on his face and an eye patch, symbolizing resilience and determination in the midst of challenges. This rooster represents CONFUSION Wear's attitude: not giving up in the face of adversity.

No buddy, I'm not going to let you come into my house and walk all over me. We agree that we must be compromising and even "conformist" in many situations. We respect even when we don't share. But, in other stories... ZERO TOLERANCE.

On the back of the design, two baseball bats ⚾ intersect with points, evoking a sense of confrontation and bravery. These bats suggest that, despite difficulties, we are willing to fight for what we believe in and defend our values.

Just below this stunning design, the text "there can be only one" underlines the idea of ​​uniqueness and authenticity. At CONFUSION, we believe in individuality and being true to yourself, without giving in to external pressure. ✊

In short, the "GALLITO WHITE TSHIRT" by CONFUSION Wear is much more than a white t-shirt; It is a statement of commitment, perseverance and authenticity in a world that often challenges those qualities. This design represents the brand's philosophy of doing things their way and never forgetting who they are or where they come from. 🙌

Customer Reviews

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Asunción Pascual Granged
Arriesgué y gané

Me encantan las cosas que he pedido. Y no os pido más porque tengo 3 varones y no alcanza el sueldo para todo lo que me gusta. Pero no es por falta de ganas

Jose Aguilar Montalbo
Cami brutal!

La camiseta es la ostia,además de cómoda me encanta,gracias 1 vez más porque sois muy grandes.


Se sale,paso ksmiseton de markaron

María Rosa Barquín Fernández
Gallito White

Super chula y molona. Le va muy bien a mí Kiko. 😂😂😂😂😂